"With 100% natural fibers a luxurious feeling shirt with a perfect fit can be achieved with a Tailor Made Men’s Shirt from ATAILOR."

With everyone made differently there is no such thing as a standard shirt size. At ATailor we understand this and have worked tirelessly to give our customers the ability to not only create shirts with a perfect fit but give them the opportunity to create countless variations of style, cut, colour and fabric to create unique shirts that suit their individual style but more importantly their body.

From slim cut to loose fit ATailor gives the creative power to our customers to create unique shirts from 100% natural fibres and cottons. Creating perfect fits no matter you size that is comfortable, sleek and made-to-measure.

Tailor Made Suits from $249 Tailor Made Tuxedo from $299 Tailor Made Overcoat from $249 Tailor Made Jeans from $59 Tailor Made Vest from $69 Tailor Made Jackets from $199 Tailor Made Pants from $49 Tailor Made Ties from $19.95
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