Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fabric do you use in your shirts?
ATailor prides itself on offering you only 100% natural cotton fibre shirts. We promise not to give you a shirt which is made of polyester, this is a Major differentiator with us and our competitors at this price point.
How are your prices so affordable?
ATailor has cut out all the middle men – ATailor has its own factory in Thailand with over 300 employees, where your garments are hand-made and shipped direct to you. We have invested heavily in software and programs to make us a lean machine in producing high quality garments at the best prices to you.
Are there any extra costs for different customisations such as contrast fabrics or monograms?
ATailor is a no gimmick site, meaning that the price you see is the price you get. Many in our industry look low cost, but once you have designed your shirt you notice that the price has risen sharply when you add things like different button colours, monograms or contrasting fabrics inside the collar and placket. No matter the customisation you make, you will not be charged extra on ATailor, this is another key differentiator
Do you operate a sweat shop or with child labour?
We have stringent policy that employees are of legal age to work in our factory, given that our work is a craft, many of the employees are over 40 years old as we require a lot of experience to make these tailor made garments. Our factory is one of the happiest in Asia and our employees are given well over the minimum salary. We have had the intl press come through our manufacturing and done stories on us. It is truly an amazing atmosphere and vibe that you will not find in Asia elsewhere
Am I able to order standard size shirts?
Yes you are given the option to select from standard size shirts if you wish. We have a detailed size chart to choose from. You will still have all the options of customisation as you would if it was tailor made suit, jean, overcoat or shirt.
How long do I have to wait for my shirt?
We send from the factory using postal service linked with DHL to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. We require approximately three to four weeks to have your shirt complete in the factory, then up to two weeks on the shipping
Is it difficult to take your own size?
We have provided a description of each measurement along with a VDO video for you to see it done. We receive from you body measurements, if you take these exactly as in the video you will be on a good path, the ease we add as a formula we have been working on for many years. We recommend that you order only one garment first so you can perfect your sizing, as it will be easier once you have seen the result from your first measurement. We also offer fit guarantee price which compensates you for any adjustments required. It is best if your able to get a tailor to take your measurements
I would like to purchase uniforms for my company?
Yes this is possible and we have a lot of experience with corporate uniforms. We are able to customise the garments in any which way you want to differentiate you from your competitors. ATailor is also able to embroid your company logo onto your garments. The best part is that they will fit perfectly and you will be the best dressed company in town. Please email for more information.
How Long have you been in the tailor made business?
We have been in the tailor made business for generations, if you add the combined experience of all our master tailors we have hundreds of years of experience.
Do you have customer service or support?
Yes, Please go to Contact us for details. As our customers, we give importance to your queries/support and will always serve you with priority.
When I receive my shirts, the colors are slghtly different from the 3D Designer. Is this normal?
Yes. Each screen resoultion is different and there are chances that the color may vary. However, we have sold thousands of tailor made shirts and the feedback about the quality from the 3D Designer has been amazing, it is very close to the actual shirts.

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Customer Support

We try our best to provide our customers the best tailor made garments people can buy online. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't always arrive at your door they way we intended.

If this is the case, please contact us though the contact form and fill in the required details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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