"No more ill fitting suits, with endless options, a unique Tailor Made Suit to fit your every style and shape."

First impressions are everything and when walking into a room your suit says it all. A perfectly tailored suit has the ability to command respect, focus attention and take control of a room. Whether it is for business or pleasure a suit is a man’s first impression.

A suit is traditionally been bought off the rack and usually gives the wearer an unflattering and ill-fitting look. As everyone is made differently, ATailor understands the need for an affordable, high quality ‘Tailor Made’ suit. ATailor prides itself on each suit being tailored made to the individual style and needs of their customers.

Complimented with 100s of carefully selected luxury fabrics that will stand up to the day-to-day and effortlessly transition to evening sophistication.

A suit has the ability to build confidence and garner respect and if the old saying is true, the suit makes the man, then why not put your best suit forward.

Tailor Made Shirts from $39.95 Tailor Made Tuxedo from $299 Tailor Made Overcoat from $249 Tailor Made Jeans from $59 Tailor Made Vest from $69 Tailor Made Jackets from $199 Tailor Made Pants from $49 Tailor Made Ties from $19.95
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